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Peoples Equity Group brings real change.

Our innovative approach to investing allows individuals to invest in exclusive deals alongside global institutions.

Trailblazing technology

Deep bench of investment professionals

Commitment to economic inclusion and DEI initiatives

Meet The Team

Jonathan Bates
SPV Manager
Adam Anderson
General Partner
Joshua Sharp
Compliance Officer
Nash Casten
Project and Workflow Manager
Abhi Golhar
Capital Advisor
Patrick Jones
Client Relations Manager
Cole Millette
Customer Success Manager
Tales Cuoto
Client Relations Manager

Our technology empowers
‍ our people.

Peoples Equity Group uses predictive models and workflow tools to reengineer the investment experience. Our e-commerce and technology investment platform is distinguished in its ability to gather, analyze, and leverage information, with radical improvements in workflow efficiency. 

Data-Driven Market Selection

Proprietary machine learning models analyze tens of thousands of variables to identify the e-commerce and technology markets  with the highest potential for price appreciation and income generation.

Fitness Portfolio

Risk profile

GWR Equity

Date Acquired
April 2020

Total Equity

Subscription based

100 corporate clients

50% net margin

Competitive Deal Selection

Millions of granular data points are ingested into Peoples Equity Group. These data insights provide a meaningful competitive edge, by enabling Peoples Equity Group to more accurately identify trending locations and project rent growth. As a result, we can more quickly identify selective investment opportunities through our tech-enabled underwriting process.

Next-Generation Asset Management

Peoples Equity Group developed new technology for its in-house asset management team to more rapidly assess key financial and operating performance metrics, and to optimize the value of our holdings. By automating these complex tasks through technology, our e-commerce investment professionals are able to better focus on maximizing the value of our investors’ capital and enhancing investor returns.

World-class investment and
technology professionals under
one umbrella.

Peoples Equity Group diverse leadership team has a proven track record of excellence at leading e-commerce and technology private equity, asset management, technology and engineering companies. We united these experts from the e-commerce investing and technology worlds with a common goal. Their relentless drive to deliver compelling returns for our investors powers every investment decision.

In the press

Peoples Equity Group Named As Presenter at 2022 MoneyShow

Peoples Equity Group will speak at the annual MoneyShow in May 2022, the conference adds to its list of presenters a direct-to-consumer, Technology and E-Commerce brand aggregator.

Peoples Equity Group Is Paving The Way For Shopify Aggregation

Peoples Equity Group is a next-generation investment portfolio and aggregator company, reimagining investing by scaling up direct-to-consumer brands and exiting them in roll-ups to private equity for much higher multiples or valuations.

Presents Peoples Equity Group Picks Up
Momentum In Buying E-commerce Brands

Investing with Peoples Equity Group comes with several benefits, including the chance for everyday investors to participate. Whether you’re looking to diversify or fed up with declining returns, you can get exposure to an enticing business venture through Peoples Equity Group.

Disrupting E-Commerce Aggregation

Once e-commerce brands are acquired, Peoples Equity Group injects and optimizes them with capital, operational infrastructure, and pre-existing data from the $50 Million of advertising it has run and collected over the last 5 years as a portfolio company.

25 years collective experience in the Retail E-Commerce & E-Commerce Aggregation Space.

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