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Here's a Few Tremendous Benefits of Investing in The Oaktide Aviation:

Gain a Financial Edge with Oaktide Aviation Investment:

Imagine your money, working harder for you, by accessing a secret gold mine of proprietary off-market auctions for aviation parts. Our exclusive access opens up a world of premium aviation assets at bargain prices, setting the stage for above-average returns. This isn't just a selling point - it's your key to potential financial success and a testament to our unique sourcing prowess.

Stability in the Face of Uncertainty:

We live in turbulent times, but should your investment returns suffer? We say no. Oaktide's investment strategies are engineered to stand tall against economic headwinds and inflation, offering a financial safe haven that aims for stability and growth even in challenging markets. This isn't just an investment strategy; it's a solution to a problem that keeps many investors up at night.

Rapid Recovery Post-Pandemic:

The demand for aviation has doubled since the end of COVID. Following the pandemic, the desire to travel and the need for quick, efficient transportation has surged dramatically. The supply chain, however, has yet to fully catch up with this demand, creating a gap that presents an attractive opportunity for investors.

Air Travel as a Necessity:

Regardless of economic conditions, air travel is an essential mode of transportation for people and goods. It is especially critical for high net worth individuals and executives, who value the speed and convenience of air travel, even during recessions.

Powered by Industry Veterans:

Let the collective wisdom of our seasoned experts guide your investment journey. At Oaktide Aviation, we are not just investment managers; we are aviation aficionados, whose in-depth knowledge and years of hands-on experience equip us to spot undervalued assets and opportunities others might miss. Our experience doesn't just promise competence - it ignites confidence.

Massive Speed Advantages:

The supply chain has not caught up with massive shortages and the Oaktide Aviation solves this massive problem. Here's how let's say there's 20 jets, one of their engines needs to be replaced, they go to gulf stream and they say it's gonna be 8 months, then say you have a 15M jet, you can pay a premium to our investment to cut the line in get access to your replacement faster.

Uninterrupted Cash Flow:

Who doesn't love the sound of steady, consistent returns? Our long-term asset leasing strategy ensures a continuous stream of cash flow and serves as a depreciation tool, promising a smoother journey to potential long-term wealth accumulation.

Aircraft leasing is a booming business:

With the high costs associated with owning and maintaining aircraft, many airlines prefer leasing, which requires less capital. This provides a steady stream of income for investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deal with various aircraft components beyond just landing gears, even if they’re not directly linked to acquired engines. These components can often be obtained at a lower cost and can serve multiple purposes. For instance, we might acquire landing gear from an aircraft even if we’re not dealing with its specific engines. As long as there’s a market demand and potential resale value, we consider these items.

Our engine acquisitions aren’t based solely on spare parts availability. We assess engines based on their potential for repair, resale, and profitability. If there’s a significant price difference, we might buy an engine for well below market and then proceed to dismantle it for parts. However, the decision to acquire an engine is guided by the potential value we can extract from it through our operations.

Our business model revolves around different aspects of engine management (and aviation arbitrage). We focus on the condition of engines (and parts), financial considerations, repair and servicing, as well as the resale (value and potential) of parts. Some parts can be directly sold, while others might require repair before they can be marketed. This approach allows us to maximize returns by efficiently utilizing engine components.

Our primary focus is on CFM56-3C and -3B engines. These engines have a significant presence in the market, with potentially thousands of cycles remaining. The number of cycles remaining greatly influences the engine’s resale value. Engines with higher cycles remaining tend to command higher prices due to their extended lifespan and potential utility.

Our emphasis is on the CFM56-3C engine. The choice is influenced by several factors, including local repair capabilities and potential profitability. Our proximity to repair shops in Miami plays a role in this decision. We carefully evaluate engines based on their condition, repair needs, and expected demand in the market before making acquisition choices.

The potential of our operations is significant, and additional capital could further amplify our capabilities. With a substantial infusion of funds, we could expand our reach, take advantage of more opportunities, and potentially accelerate our growth trajectory. Our track record with limited capital underscores the potential impact that additional resources could have on our business.

The market for these engines is extensive and spans various geographical regions. Engines can be sold globally, with demand coming from different parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, and South America. Our strategic location in Miami, a key point of contact for many regions, enhances our ability to tap into diverse markets (in the future).

The timeline for turning around engines varies based on a range of factors. Repair complexity, the availability of replacement parts, and shop capacity all contribute to the timeline. Engines that require fewer repairs or have readily available parts can be flipped within 60 to 120 days. However, certain variables, including shop workload and specific repair needs, can influence the overall timeline.

We’ve observed that engines are often presold even before we acquire them. Our production is driven by the demand signaled through these pre-sales. Additionally, we might use parts from certain engines to expedite the assembly of others. This strategic approach allows us to streamline our processes and optimize the overall timeline for selling engines and their components.

Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment of the engine’s condition and specifications. This assessment includes verifying manufacturing details, conducting a thorough inspection of components, and evaluating the potential for repair or resale. Based on this assessment, we determine whether the engine should be sold as a whole, disassembled for individual part sales, or sent for repair. The decision-making process is guided by factors such as market demand, repair costs, and potential returns on investment.


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