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Buying Boring Businesses Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Investing in boring businesses may not sound exciting, but it can be surprisingly lucrative. Diversifying your portfolio to include less flashy investments can offer a unique potential for long-term growth and stability. It could prove more beneficial than the high volatility of investing solely in companies that are trending or have the latest technology advancements. Read on to learn why buying boring businesses doesn’t have to be boring—and might make you a lot of money!

Different types of “boring” businesses that people can invest in. 

Discover Profitable Yet Unconventional Business Ideas: 10 Boring But Lucrative Ventures That You Might Be Overlooking

Traditional business ideas may seem unexciting, but they can be surprisingly profitable. We have curated ten unconventional yet highly profitable business ideas in this list you may have overlooked. Get ready to explore home-based, low-investment, and unique opportunities that can bring significant returns. Don’t let boring fool you – these ventures could be the smartest move in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • 1. Unlock Big Profits with Your Own Storage Facility.

Get in on a booming industry with minimal costs and maximum profits. Starting a storage facility lets you offer secure space for residential and commercial customers, drawing from a growing demand with no signs of slowing down.

A recent report shows that self-storage facilities generate a 41% profit margin. And with opportunities to sell locks, boxes, and other products on top of rental income, your earnings potential is even more significant.

Benefits abound in this scalable business model, from low overhead to minimal management requirements.

  • 2. Embarking on a Funeral Business. 

While many may shy away from discussing the inevitable, starting a funeral business could prove lucrative. Death, a natural part of life, poses its challenges, and a funeral service aims to alleviate some of the burdens. Services offered include burial, cremation, repatriation, memorial, pet cremation, and exhumation. As the proprietor, you reserve the option to provide some or all of these services.

  • 3. Embark on a Profitable Plumbing Business.

Starting a plumbing business with minimal investment and low overhead costs is an excellent opportunity. Gain the necessary technical skills and experience to succeed in this industry. Unblock sewer lines and clean waste pipes with ease, all while reaping the rewards of entrepreneurship.

  • 4. Starting a fulfillment business. 

Enter the lucrative e-commerce industry by starting a fulfillment business. With online shopping on the rise, fulfillment companies play an essential role in processing orders. As a third-party warehouse, they handle everything from receiving orders to delivering them to customers.

If you’re considering starting a fulfillment service, consider critical offerings like same-day delivery, customer support via chat, text, phone, order tracking, custom API integration, and climate-controlled storage.

To get started, you must secure a prime location, invest in streamlined software, and understand the essential business KPIs to best serve your e-commerce clients. 

  • 5. Launch Your Own Home Automation Business. 

Revolutionize how households function with cutting-edge automation techniques, including internet control, sensors, and automation systems that centralize lighting, security, and HVAC functions.

Targeting upper-middle to high-class homeowners, partnering with home improvement firms to enhance market penetration and establish a robust digital presence across social media platforms. Explore the power of social media to educate and engage customers about the advantages of home automation and expand your brand’s reach.

  • 6. Offer Convenient Auto Detailing Anywhere with a Mobile Service. 

With a mobile auto detailing service, you can reach clients wherever they are and provide them with exceptional service immediately. This means your customers no longer have to drive around searching for a car wash; you bring the cleaning and detailing right to them.

By offering a mobile service, you can cater to more customers based on convenience and flexibility compared to a typical auto detailing business with a fixed location. 

  • 7. Consider Starting a Furniture Flipping Business. 

Transforming old and worn-out furniture into stunning pieces that people would love to buy can be a lucrative business venture that only requires a few hours each week. From kitchen tables and dressers to armories, you can turn them into beautiful masterpieces that earn you a six-figure annual income from furniture flipping. If you enjoy checking out wooden furniture and have spare time, this business idea is worth exploring. 

  • 8. Offer transcription services.

Meet the growing demand for converting live or recorded speech into written or electronic text documents. This sought-after service stretches across numerous industries worldwide.

As a transcriptionist, you have the flexibility to work as a full-time job or side hustle, provided that you equip yourself with the necessary tools.

  • 9. Establish a Tree Maintenance Business

Consider starting a tree maintenance business. The demand for these services is constant, as individuals and businesses will always have trees that require maintenance. By offering services such as tree pruning, trimming, removal, transplantation, and stump grinding, you can provide essential care to your clients’ trees.

Climbing and rigging techniques are commonly used in tree service businesses to maintain the health and appearance of trees. If you have the skills to perform these tasks and are willing to invest the effort in starting and running a business, a tree maintenance service can be a profitable and fulfilling venture.

  • 10. Home Cleaning Services. 

Starting a home cleaning business can be the perfect solution if you seek a lucrative side hustle without any special skills. Many individuals simply don’t have the time or energy for household cleaning, making this an ideal opportunity to capitalize on.

As a home cleaner, you can set your rates, work as much or as little as you like, and build a loyal client base over time. Whether you’re looking for extra income or a full-time profession, this is a flexible and accessible way to start your own business.

These are just a few of the many examples of the tedious business that you can invest in.

Why can these “boring” businesses be great investments?

While it’s common to be attracted to flashy and exciting businesses, we also appreciate the “boring businesses” that keep the economy running quietly and steadily. These companies may not receive much attention or praise, but they are the backbone of our communities, providing essential goods and services to their loyal customers. 

Boring businesses focus on sustainable growth and customer satisfaction rather than valuations or capital raises. They tend to reinvest in their businesses at nearly double the rate of their public counterparts.

These businesses don’t necessarily chase the latest technology or trends; instead, they prioritize what their customers want and need, continuously improving their offerings and execution. By staying relevant and practical, boring businesses outlast many of their more “exciting” peers in longevity, stability, and profitability.

Furthermore, these businesses often play an integral role in their local communities, providing sustained employment opportunities and giving back through charitable donations and area leadership. While they may not be glamorous, boring businesses are a crucial part of our economy and a source of reliable, sustainable growth.

The SOWS Formula for Investing in Boring Businesses. 

If you are searching for a searching business to buy, build, or invest in but find them all too dull? 

Introducing the SOWS formula helps identify businesses that are not flashy but well-suited for stability and potential growth. The SOWS formula stands for Stale, Old, Weak, and Simple, and it emphasizes businesses with minimal innovation, longstanding foundations, imperfect competition, and simple yet effective business models. Take advantage of this tried-and-tested formula to invest in a stable business that can withstand the test of time.

Need Help? 

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