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Peoples Equity Group is a premier technology and e-commerce investment platform for individual investors and registered investment advisors. We provide efficient access to institutional-quality deals with superior transparency and unique opportunities for liquidity.

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GWR Equity

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April 2020

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100 corporate clients

50% net margin

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Our performance as of May 20, 2022

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Efficient access to superior
Technology and E-commerce investments.

Invest in technology and e-commerce deals or syndicate. Peoples Equity Group partners with an established network of world-class operators to source premium digital e-commerce, e-commerce manufacturing, and office assets for institutions, advisors, and individual investors like you.

Peoples Equity Group Syndicate

Invest in a diversified portfolio of properties in high-growth markets across the U.S.


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Are you a registered investment advisor or institution? Learn how Peoples Equity Group can partner with you.

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Diversification and wealth generation.

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Investments provide essential portfolio diversification and the ability to build long-term wealth.

Technology and E-commerce can also deliver stable income throughout the life of the investment, sizable long-term returns, and the unique tax benefits specific to acquisition.

Peoples Equity Group was founded to provide greater access to this essential asset class, so more investors can improve their financial futures.

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Historically, investing into traditional acquisition real estate meant that your capital could be locked up for 5 to 10 year period. We created a new business model with People Equity Group. Each quarter, our team provides investors with the opportunity for liquidity by matching buyers interested in acquiring multiple businesses, and sellers of real technology, acquisition with managed  pricing based off the industry’s current buying multiples.


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Comprehensive investment transparency.

Legacy hedge funds rarely offer you a clear view of the investment road ahead. people’s Equity Group  provides unprecedented asset level transparency, so you can see exactly which acquisition we are focused on, and understand how your investment is performing at every turn.

Peoples Equity Group accomplishes its goals with technology, which it employs to provide investors with a transparent platform that they can log into to learn of new investment opportunities, to get data on properties and markets, and to get practical information about individual portfolios.”

Revolutionary, data-driven investment approach.

People’s Equity Group built proprietary data science tools to improve upon our approach. Our technology produces deeper investment insights that improve investment performance,⁴ while creating efficiencies that allow us to reduce costs for our investors.

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“The heart of People’s Equity Group’s investing process relies on technology…specifically data science to uncover markets that are positioned for outsized growth.”

Why Peoples Equity Group?
Peoples Equity Group’s exclusive platform delivers institutional-quality private technology and e-commerce investing to individuals, with transparent views into asset data and the unprecedented opportunity for liquidity.
Why Now?

Technology and e-commerce aggregation has historically proven to be an attractive hedge against inflation. It is typically a more stable asset class than stocks, bonds, and crypto all of which are closely tied to market cycles.

Why You?

If you’re not investing in technology and e-commerce, you may be leaving money on the table. Answer just a few qualifying questions to join our  investors and you could change your financial trajectory.

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